Frequently Asked Questions

[“My compatible cartridge doesn’t work!”]

On some occasions your printer will not recognise a compatible cartridge the first time it is inserted, especially if you have previously used original cartridges, or if mixing original with compatible cartridges. Your printer will give a message stating that you intend using a non-genuine cartridge, answer the questions in the control panel to set the answers to “Yes” or “Continue” and the cartridges should be accepted.

If this fails and before requesting a return, first try this:

  • With the printer powered on, remove all ink cartridges from the printer
  • Close the cartridge door
  • Switch off the printer
  • Remove the power cable from the printer and wait 10-15 seconds
  • Plug the printer back in and allow it to perform its startup procedure
  • Reinsert the cartridges

This procedure will clear the printer’s memory and should allow the new cartridge to be recognised when you insert it. If you still cannot get the cartridge to work after following this reset procedure, please contact us and we will guide you or visit free of charge to help recify the problem.[/expand]

[expand title=”Will compatible cartridges work in my printer?”]

Our compatible cartridges meet the same standard as original cartridges. Through there is never a 100% guarantee that an individual cartridge will work, we do offer our cartridges under warranty. If a compatible cartridge purchased from will not work in your machine, providing it still contains at least 75% of the ink, we will replace the cartridge, or provide a credit of the same value towards an original cartridge.

Please note, we cannot offer a refund for the original postage cost, and the cost of return of any cartridge must be borne by the customer. The cost of issuing the replacement cartridge will be covered by[/expand]

[expand title=”Are your compatible cartridges refilled?”]

We do not refill our compatible cartridges. Our compatibles are “remanufactured”, meaning they meet the same standard as original cartridges.

Refilled cartridges often show as empty when you use them. This is because the chip on the cartridge stores the information relating to the ink level. Our compatible cartridges will always report as full the first time you use them, because we do not simply pump ink into an empty cartridge.[/expand]